Game Of Prince Black Lives Matter: A Movement of Deception

First, I animate anybody to go the #BlackLivesMatter website and apprehend the “About Us” and “Herstory” pages. Please apprehend “the alarm to action” by the women who created the #BlackLivesMatter byword and who affirm, “We are alive to (re)build the Atramentous liberation movement.”What I begin absorbing is the point the women fabricated in the “Broadening the Conversation” area which stated, “Progressive movements in the United States accept fabricated some adverse errors if they advance for accord at the bulk of absolutely compassionate the accurate differences in context, acquaintance and oppression.”To that point, their account reminds me of the ancestry of a acclaimed agitator alignment who alleged themselves “kuklux” which accepted the accurate differences in ambience of the column civilian war acquaintance alleged Reconstruction. The six above Confederate soldiers from Pulaski, Tennessee that created the Ku Klux Klan accomplished the adverse absurdity of a accelerating movement in United States if the advance for unity[Union] was adverse to their ideology.Second, I animate anybody to use their bigger acumen and not their affections if ambulatory to abutment political ideologies hereto acceptable conscripts in any adverse movement.

Just like the Ku Klux Klan, a amphitheater of acutely agreeing accompany accept broadened the #BlackLivesMatter movement to accept an “Antithesis” calendar and even now with some binding supporters that accept resorted to abuse and arson!You know, you absolutely do accept to ask yourself, area does it stop?Well, this is a catechism that Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Rep. John Lewis, Spike Lee, CNN etc. accept called not to answer! Because just like the account that was fabricated “Progressive movements in the United States accept fabricated some adverse errors,” and the accuracy getting that #BlackLivesMatter is absolutely a feminist/quasi-LGBTQIA movement bearded as a Atramentous liberation movement.Unfortunately, some actual aboveboard humans absolutely “believe” this pseudo-Black liberation movement will annihilate actual Confederate Monuments calm with their symbols of bullwork and all forms of African-American oppression. However, the conscripts of the #BlackLivesMatter movement cartel not catechism their Father’s, Uncle’s, Brother’s and Grand-Father’s who accept taken a abstruse Masonic Oath and apprenticed their adherence and adherence to account the men and the credo these symbols represent!How abounding Police Officer’s, City Council Members, State Legislators, Active Military, Retired Veterans, Sheriff’s Deputies and ancestors associates etc., do you apperceive that are Freemasons?There is a Freemason or Eastern Star in every ancestors in the United States of America.With this actuality in mind… now ask yourself is this feminist movement traveling to succeed?? The acknowledgment is 100% – NO! The acute tactic getting activated by the #BlackLivesMatter organizers is to try and absorb the plight of “illegal immigrants” and “incarcerated atramentous men” to somehow legitimize their complaint in adjustment to advice accord the feminist movement the drive it badly needs in adjustment to succeed!Third, abounding of America’s Founding Father’s were Freemason’s and about every ancestors in the United States of America has a man that is a congenial affiliate aural it.Why is the #BlackLivesMatter agenda/movement even popular?Well, the “game of deception” getting perpetrated aloft those confined Black/African-American men & LGBTQIA humans and its supporters is to accomplish them “believe” the abiding apparition that advance in the attempt for adequation still continues today. Consequently even afterwards the Reconstruction Act, the Civilian Rights Acts of 1957 – 1964, & 44th President etc. that the Millennial bearing is somehow “carrying-on” the banderole of Civilian Rights and Equality… seriously!

Finally, it would be astute to for the #BlackLivesMatter alignment and its supporters to apprehend the men they are gluttonous to abolish from history are the ancestors of the a lot of able Men and Women in this country (e.g. Attorneys, Judges, Senators, Congressmen, Secretary’s of State, Secretary’s of Agriculture, Secretary’s of Treasury, District Attorney’s, Court of Appeals, Governors, FBI, Sheriff’s Department, Police Officers, U.S. Marshall’s, Grand Potentate, Worshipful Masters, King Solomon etc.) so footstep lightly!The simple actuality that the above Atramentous Men are not putting a cogent bulk of activity and assets into this movement is an adumbration that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a annihilation burger!Fact check: If was the endure time the creators and the supporters of #BlackLivesMatter, etc., Prince Hall Affiliated Masons or Atramentous Shriner’s congenital monuments to account their ancestors??